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Mijo's Pizza - Family

Our Family will continue the Tradition,  

and what we promise is so much more.


For more than 70 years the surrounding area has enjoyed Mijo's Authentic Italian food. However, when Mario retired a few years ago, an interim owner/operator assumed the management of Mijo's and replaced Mijo's years of great food with his own recipes and style. Making changes to Mijo's authentic Italian recipes didn’t work and the community did not support the changes. Fast Forward to 2018...  


A New owner who was part of the Mijo’s history. The current owner - once a Mijo’s delivery boy, took ownership in 2018. This new owner and staff are here to provide you once again with Mijo's authentic taste and wonderful recipes that have been enjoyed for many years. Everyone that’s familiar with Mijo’s knows the great tasting pizza and marinara sauces are the staple of the establishment and are BACK! – right here to Colonia, Clark, Cranford, Westfield, Rahway, Scotch Plains, Edison and to the local surrounding community!


The pizza and food are known for its unique characteristics because Mijo's has always insisted on the best quality and tastiest ingredients. It’s the combination of the highest quality and freshest ingredients that makes Mijo's Pizza incomparable to competitor Italian recipes. It's why the food tastes so good. The Venezio family is committed to making sure Mijo’s will continue to deliver our authentic Italian recipes to customers moving forward each and every day, the same as has been done for more than 70 years.  



Best Quality & Fresh Ingredients

Fast Pickup & Delivery

Great Value & Friendly Service

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